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Rider Feedback

Type R
"After years of switching back and forth between Tectonics, Select, MFC, Vector and C3 slalom fins trying to fin a really good fin that works in all conditions I've finally found a fin that has the right combination of low end power, top end speed and top end control. I use the Type R 42.5 with an 8.0 / Exocet Slalom and the Type R 47.5 with an 8.8 / Fanatic Falcon."

Quad 13 & 7 Combo 69ltr
"I tried different fins on my Quatro KT 69, the ones that came with, a few different lightweight "molded" fin combos, and finally the Black Project wave multi 13s with thruster 7s. The Black Project is perfect, so much better than all the other fins I tried. Super fast, smooth carving, gouge or slide off the top with great control. This is the best upgrade you can make to your quad. I'm 145 lbs using mostly 4.5 or 4.7 with this board and fins for reference. Heavier riders should try the 14 x 8 combo."


"After working with Tom as a sailmaker I knew that when he went into fins that the same attention to details would have been put in place." Read More
Freestyle Classic
Hot Deal
SUP WQ8 Race Fin - Ultra Fast Weed & Downwind
Hot Deal
SUP Race fin optimized for weed shedding and downwind racing
Type S - GPS Speed Windsurfing Fin
Speed fin with exceptional control at high speed even in choppy conditions.
WaveSINGLE - Classic All Round Single Wave Fin
Hot Deal
Classic single wave fin for all round wave performance
SUP Maliko Race
Ultra fast SUP Race fin optimized for flat water and downwind racing
EPICwave - Radical Single Wave Fin
Mark Angulo's fin optimized for fast powerful waves