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MiniEPIC Thruster Wave Fins [Black Ed.] (3 fin set)

MiniEPIC Thruster Wave Fins [Black Ed.] (3 fin set)
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The MiniEPIC windsurfing wave fins are your choice for THRUSTER wave boards. These are the exact fins which Morgan Noireuaux used to win the 2014 and 2015 PWA Aloha Classic and are the fin of choice for riders who are serious about their performance and want to have more fun on the water.


What are the features & benefits

– the foiling of the MiniEPIC thruster set up will help you to generate more speed on the wave which makes every aspect of wave sailing easier and more radical. Catch more waves and rip them harder! Speed and drive is also a huge benefit when blasting through the waves, move speed will give you more height on your jumps. 

TURNING -  the combination of foil and outline help you to increase the rail to rail roll of your wave board which exaggerates and tightens your turns on the wave. Tighter turns are more aggressive and radical!

CONTROL – enhanced grip lets you throw yourself into the turn with the confidence that your fins will hold in and grip hard to the water, more grip and control helps you ride tighter and faster.

LONGEVITY – our [Black Ed.] fins are made in black G10 which is incredibly strong and resistant to sun light, even if you ding your fin it is easy and quick to repair with wet and dry sandpaper. Your fins are likely to out last your board!

CUSTOMIZABLE – with 84 possible thruster combinations available there is no greater opportunity to fine tune your board on the market.

WINNING – these are the fins which are proven winners at the highest level, as used by Morgan Noireux to win the 2014 & 2015 PWA Aloha Classic events at Ho’okipa. Also used by many other champions including 4 x AWT Champion Ingrid Larouche, Youth & Amateur Champion Jake Schettewi & many more. More podiums positions at the 2015 Aloha Classic were filled by Black Project Fins than any other brand!

PRECISION – Black Project uses tightly controlled CNC precision manufacturing to ensure the perfect fit and fins which match exactly to our specifications. Beware of cheaper alternatives.

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Thruster Sizing Options & Suggestions

To help riders choose their fins we have created three thruster size bands, Small, Medium & Large, each of which is divided into a number of sizes;

windsurf thruster wave board fin size options

(S1, S2 & S3) for Grom, Women & Smaller Riders (Rider weight under 70kg), these sizes are the choice of team riders such as Ingrid Larouche and Jake & Max Scfhettewi.

MEDIUM (M1, M2, M3 & M4) for most riders in a range of conditions (Rider weight 70–85kg

LARGE (L1, L2 & L3) for heavier riders on bigger boards (Rider weight 85kg +)

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Things to consider when choosing your fin combo
  • Fin recommendations are based on Expert riders, advanced riders should select one size bigger.
  • Select one size bigger for strong currents and onshore wind.
  • Chart is based on an average weight 80kg (175lbs), lighter riders may go one size smaller and heavier one size bigger.
  • Multi-fin combinations is largely based on rider style, board and conditions, please ask for advice and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable set up.

Morgan Noireaux windsurf thruster wave fins

Refer to the set up guides for advice

Reviews & News

Product Reviews

Reviewed by ChristopheSem
10/24/2017 - 09:39:49 AM

EPIC mini Epic Thrusters

I got a mini Epic Thruster set up 20/11.5 & 18.5/11.5 for my RRF FSW V4 96 ltr. after having gone through 3 different other brands which left me scratching my head. The BPs are EPIC...way more turning grip and a speed that let me think I was on a bigger single fin. I even felt a little afterburner after going on a plane paired with an instant turn ability. An unreal combination. Great job Chris, ...truly stunning. What really makes them stand out as well is the quality of the material they are made of. Very robust with a stealth look they are very resistant to any scratches or abrasion through contact with ground or other hard surfaces.
Great customer service with thorough advice. Thanks Chris
Reviewed by Kurtvr7@gmail.com
Kurtvr7@gmail.com bought "MiniEPIC Thruster Wave Fins [Black Ed.] (3 fin set)" on our website
10/23/2017 - 10:48:03 AM

Mini Epic Thrusters

I emailed Chris and he steered me right . Got a Fanatic Stubby Free wave Textreme 85 last summer. The stockfins worked OK but the 17.7/11.5 combo he recommended were clearly better. Overall a smoother,slippery feel. I had a similar experience with another board and BFP fins. I may try an even larger center fin with the wide tail of the Stubby.Coming from a long history of single fin boards, I favor a larger center fin with the thruster set up especially in the Gorge conditions.
Great customer service. If I email them,I get a response the same day typically.
Reviewed by _WB_
07/12/2017 - 01:46:46 PM

MiniEpic is Mucho Epic!

The 17.5/11.5 MiniEpic set up that Chris recommended has definitely taken my Quatro Sphere 85 to the next level. Amazing all around performance! The combination of turning grip, drive for early and sustained planing, and top end speed is kind of unreal, to be honest! I'm running the center fin almost all the way forward and that seems to balance out really well for me. 17.5/11.5 feels perfect for 4.7-5.3 conditions. Might add a smaller fin to the mix for higher sails <4.7.
Reviewed by Magnus76
11/01/2016 - 04:16:10 PM

Great fins!

The thruster package from Black Project I use for my JP FSW 84 l are really great, best fins I have ever tried with that board. I felt the difference at once, board became much more loose in the turns and could track upwind much better. In a way it felt more "skaty". I was surprised how fast the board felt with the new fins which also made it easier to launch bigger jumps. I really enjoy these fins and can absolutely recommend the to anyone looking to put in the next gear!
Reviewed by JamesHardy
08/02/2016 - 08:11:11 PM

How to loosen up 111 liters.

Hi Chris,
The thruster set you sold me for my JP Freestyle wave 111 is insane. I have been using Freestyle wave boards in this size range for down-the-line sailing at my local spot since the concept came out. At the spot I sail we have to use weed fins but your Epic Wave series have just enough rake in them that the weed and kelp are no problem. Your Mini EpicThruster setup made this the best board I have ever had (20+ years) for my local spot. Thanks!
Reviewed by Ruben
03/13/2014 - 01:01:25 PM

Made my sessions way more fun.

We don't all have Hookipa or PSC conditions. Although I love sailing those places I'm normally sailing on-shore junky waves. I have to say these fins have made sailing my local spots a lot more fun. I get a ton more speed and drive through the bottom turn while keeping control in choppy gusty conditions. I'm on a 92ltr custom quatro thruster with a 5.3 ezzy and weigh 195. Usually I'm on the 16.5/11.5 combo but when it's light I'll switch out the fronts for 12.5 for even more drive. With my old Tabou board and fins I always thought multi-fins were just slow, I was wrong. I can honestly say these fins make the difference.

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