SONIC Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin

SONIC Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin
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Reviewed by patrik
10/26/2018 - 03:12:59 PM
the sonic makes your board very agile. very nice to catch waves or just go fast while waves are hitting you from the side. buoy turns are not as pointy are with the tiger, but on the other side it glides through sea weed with ease.
Reviewed by WRSilliman
WRSilliman bought "SONIC Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin" on our website
09/09/2018 - 09:34:43 AM
Been SUPing now for over 10yrs...owned alotta fins over the years...but nothing has executed and performed better than the SONIC FIN on my SUP RACE BOARDS! Hands down the BEST DAMN SUP RACE FIN I've used! Don't believe me check my links at the end. The SONIC has the SPEED for RACING in the ocean (much like my old Danny Ching fin) only it allows for TURNS in WAVES & BUMPS...carves like a SUP SURF BOARD! and STABILITY is not sacrificed for this! I am TRUELY AMAZED & STOKED! Now i used this SONIC FIN with my Daughter on the RACE BOARD in 1-3ft waves and it's a GAME CHANGER! We can cut and turn and then cut back!


Wanna see it to believe it?!? Go to my Vimeo Site and watch the latest videos:
Reviewed by danmichaluk
09/30/2017 - 08:33:47 PM
Sonic Pro great for stock prone
I've experimented with a number of weed-friendly fins on my Bark stock prone and this one hits the mark. 33 square inches is a good size. I did wonder if it would be too big, but the foil is SO FAST the fin feels smaller. It's loose and drives across bumps well. Love it.
Reviewed by sbwindsup
sbwindsup bought "SONIC Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin" on our website
07/01/2017 - 02:45:23 PM
Sonic in the Surf
I've had a few weeks to paddle my 14' Bark Downwinder with the Sonic in the surf and love it. Typically the surf in the summer in my location is 1-3 and mostly a weak wind swell. Additionally there is a good amount of kelp in the area which made using the Maliko difficult when surfing. The Sonic surfs great and is very good passing through kelp. It has been a welcome addition and has given me quite of few fun days in the waves that would not have been otherwise. I'm looking forward to using it at the Gorge in August for some proper downwind conditions.

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