TIGER V2 Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin

SUP race fin - Tiger Sprint Pro Race for tight buoy turns and blistering straights
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Reviewed by patrik
10/26/2018 - 03:04:12 PM
the tiger fin is super fast yet really stable. perfect for high intensity flat water paddling. nice aggressive pivot turns. catches sea weed easily though.
Reviewed by jklocke701sot
jklocke701sot bought "TIGER V2 Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin" on our website
08/30/2018 - 11:36:29 AM
Tiger V2 Pro Carbon Fin
I notice my SIC Bullet V2 fin is about the same size as the Tiger, so I tried it. My SIC Bullet had a small amount increase in speed and a small loss of stability, with the Tiger fin. I like the Tiger, because it is very durable. It can take a hit from rocks. My SIC fin is not very durable. The carbon fiber on the SIC fin flakes off with use.
Reviewed by rodneyharvey1
rodneyharvey1 bought "TIGER V2 Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin" on our website
01/30/2018 - 05:52:08 PM
Tiger V2 Pro Carbon Race Fin
My name is Kaitlin Harvey, 14yrs-old and I am an SIC Maui Youth Development team rider and train with the Paddle Academy in Dana Point.

I got the Tiger V2 Carbon at Christmas and use it in the new SIC RS 12'6. It is an incredible fin and a massive improvement over my older fins. My buoy turning is smoother and faster and the overall tracking of the board has improved immensly!

If you are looking for a lightweight fin that with help your turning, tracking and overall speed then this is the fin for you. Looks awesome too!
Reviewed by smilinjoe
07/06/2017 - 09:41:12 PM
I paddle a 17.5 X 26 mhl. Great board in flatwater. Always had trouble with this board getting kicked around in the chop. After trying many fins finally purchased tiger fin for unlimited board. Tiger performed great in flatwater . Hard to believe how a fin that tracks so well can also be so maneuverable. Then the real test. A choppy Delaware Bay into the Atlantic. Side chop and current were no longer an issue. Tiger fin gave me the control I needed and the confidence to take on rough water races. Also have used tiger fin on 14 X 25 allstar. Just love the way the tiger handles. Now love to show off with controlled pivot turns. Also have Maliko fin for allstar. Gave me much needed stability that I could not find in other fins while still being fast. Thank you Chris for your great products.
Reviewed by nick@codevader.com
05/03/2017 - 06:42:35 PM
Huge improvement over stock
Its been a week with this fin and what a huge improvement over the Starboard Race Ultra that I had. Much easier to handle my board in cross-chop and light downwind conditions. Buoy turns super-smooth too.
Reviewed by Bdn_sup
04/12/2017 - 10:40:07 AM
Awesome Fin
I bought the Tiger to complement the Maliko V2 Race Fin. I have a Naish Maliko 14 "the set is totally different. The acceleration is awsome and the stability that provides is incredible. The buoy turn's have become a very easy thing. In surfing the maneuverability provided by is very good and seems to not go into a race board.
The support and service provided by Chris is wonderful, attentive and solve all your doubts.

Thanks Chris!!
Reviewed by vikingvelocity
10/14/2016 - 12:18:34 PM
TIGER V2 perfect match for 14x24 RACE
This is a perfect complement to my MALIKO V2 -- Sprint fin indeed !
O.M.G. Chris Thanks --- what a fin, TIGER V2! Super-fast acceleration from stop from a non-sprint race board?...4-5 quiet, loaded, whip-building strokes to 5 mph+ And,,, so weird and wonderful, buoy turns, once I sink tail just deep enough... it WHIPS around so fast precisely, as the Hydro 88 paddle really grips the water, I need to react even faster ! Incredible. So excited...
Great tracking speed, and also using my long sharp rails to foot steer upwind or cross-chop it loves it and very stable too for a small fin! And, I'm on a 14ft x24, = 21.5in waterline actually with 285 Ltr team custom race board.
( So, a fun 5.77 Miles of Fartlek interval training on basically flat, headwind waters -- I was late, so I went up to Newport Bch. back bay instead. )

SPEED: 8.19MPH GPS flat sprint speed achieved. Still discovering the sweet-spot to stand = Hydro Pro 88, TIGER (SHARK) V2, 14ft LK race + me, the engine. Gr8t Combo. Practice, practice, practice. It all makes me learn and build confidence to improve dramatically ! People stop to ask me what is that board (26Ibs btw) and can I see your paddle ---WOW, it weighs nothing!!! and the shaft texture grip WOW ...what kind of fin is that? BLACK PROJECT FINS RULES. Thanks Chris. Go trust and invest in your paddling!
Reviewed by ljoessel
08/24/2016 - 11:04:52 AM
The Tiger is an awesome fin
It took me a while to get convinced that the Tiger was for me ;) As a recreational paddler using an inflatable 12'6 I could not believe "a simple fin" would change my paddling. Chris who is very knowledgeable explained in detail what the benefits could be and I finally ordered the fantastic Tiger V2 carbon fin.

First of all this is a very piece of kit: so light, great finish and amazing on the water. The main difference I could see is the much better tracking. I don't have a GPS watch so cannot really comment on speed but for sur the Tiger makes you go straight! Cannot wait to try the Black Project paddle now...
Reviewed by Ccts_ferrara@comcast.net
06/02/2015 - 09:39:42 PM
The Tiger is an impressive fin! It has a great loose feeling. It makes the board feel lighter as it accelerates so well with each stroke. I have several fins, big and small, this is the fastest fin in my collection. I actually use a smaller paddle when using this fin as it reduces drag that much.
This thing will allow you incredible control over your turns. It's a joy to use in a tight course race or a curvy canal.

If you want this fin to track like a much bigger fin, keep it all the way aft in the fin box. You will not lose anything in the turns.
It's good for moderate weeds. Even though it's not a 45 degree rake, the sheer smallness helps keep weeds off.
If you want a fast turny fin that will shed moderate weeds, there is no other.
Reviewed by Giel
05/16/2015 - 04:20:32 AM
More fun out of your SUP sup session.
The tiger sprint fun..... Uhhm I mean fin ;)

I've been using this fin for a few months now and I can't be more positive.
With first use I immediately felted the difference, the fin is a bit wobbly when I stepped on my board. But after a few strokes I new it was my new go to fin!!

The description on the website already told us, the fin is easy to turn but bites it the water at speed. That is actually even better then it sounds to me. I'm able to do my buoy turns with more control and still be able to get about 12-15 paddle strokes on one side. For me this means I don't have to worry about which fin to put in my board. I just use the tiger sprint and I'm able to handle the board well, I even did downwinders and longs dinstance tours with this one.

I would highly recommend it to everyone who would like to be paddle with even more confidence and being able to step up your game!

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