WEEDspeed – Weed & shallow water speed slalom

WEEDspeed – Weed & shallow water speed slalom
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The WEEDspeed deals with the age old problem of weed in the water while racing or speed sailing. Designed with a high angle of rake you will be able to concentrate on the fasted line without collecting clumps of weed. The WEEDspeed is also proving popular in shallow locations where you need the fin area but do not have the depth required for a normal upright fin. Since its introduction this has become one of our most popular fins in our range with rave reviews from around the world. The easy to control speed and power has meant that riders report that they can use smaller fins than before, which increases efficiency. With excellent drive compared to other weed fins available upwind performance is excellent. The pure speed of the WEEDspeed was demonstrated by Brad Anderson who set the One Hour World Speed Record withe the WeedSpeed 28, Brad was the first person to average over 30knots for a complete hour recording a 30.37 knots average! 

  • Maximum performance: Broad reach to deep reach
  • High rake (40% from vertical) for weed shedding and shallow water conditions
  • Unique outline for maximum efficiency and control
  • Highly spin-out resistant
  • Solid G-10 Tuttle base
  • Threaded brass inserts

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by B-Rad
03/05/2013 - 04:59:32 AM
Speed Weed 28
The 28 Speed Weed, speed tested to 45+Knots.
This fin provides excellent control with easy speed that inspires confidence. This is the fin i used to set the World 1 hour speed record it provided the stability & comfort needed for high averages. A must have fin if your spot is weedy.
Reviewed by bconace
02/18/2013 - 10:09:02 AM
Bird Island Basin, Corpus Christi, TX
Fanatic Falcon 101, Sailworks 7.1 NXsdm, Black Project WeedSPEED 34, wind 19 g23 mph, max speed 36.44 mph backed up by several 35's and 34's. This fin has what it takes. Can get upwind with guys on much bigger weeders and off the wind I was able to pull away.Others on iSonic 101 and North Warp 7.0, Truames weed 14.5 for one. Fin rock solid, no spinouts despite being only 28.2 cm deep. I have the 28 and 38 and today ordered the 31 and 42.
Respectable speed for bigish board and sail. If wind forecast holds for today I'll test the 28 on the Falcon 86 with 6.2 or 5.4.
I'll post reviews as I test the WeedSpeed fins.

Reviewed by RedSurfBus
02/17/2013 - 04:36:21 AM
Need Weed!
I have the 34 and 42cm versions of these, purely for slalom in weedy locations. My local spot has very little weed so only used these to play with so far. Had my fastest 10secs on a 34cm fin with this set up.....:D

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