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EpicWave windsurfing fin
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The EPIC wave windsurfing wave single fin was developed in collaboration with windsurfing legend Mark Angulo, who asked for more speed and tighter turns on the wave face. The EPIC was designed to be generate lots of grip, drive and speed. The compact design with more area concentrated close to the board helps to promote faster roll and quicker rail to rail turns in the tightest of wave sections. A powerful fin for its length choose a fin smaller than with a traditional fin. Available in ultra durable and stiff G10 for maximum speed, control and drive.

  • Maximum performance: extreme speed, maneuverability & grip
  • High rake with progressive swept tip for board control, tracking and maneuverability
  • Extremely spin-out resistant enabling tighter turns at higher speeds
  • Advanced wave foil technology design for fast and aggressive riders
  • Increased tip flex for enhanced feel
  • CNC produced in G10 for maximum drive & durability¬†
  • Solid US or Powerbox bases
  • Comes complete with protective foam cover, high quality brass fin plate and screw (US Box only)

Windsurf single fin

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Reviewed by roem
06/15/2018 - 10:46:21 AM
Epic Wave 18.5 Review
I just bought this fin for my Angulo Triumph 74l single fin. While I love this board for down the line wave riding in big powerful waves it was always a bit stiff compared to multi finned equivalents in cross onshore conditions. I was tempted to buy a multi fin board specifically for these conditions even though I don't like their skatey feel in cross off conditions particularly when bottom turning. This fin however transformed my single fin board it now turns tight and fast in cross onshore conditions while still retaining all the grip and drive of a single fin in cross offshore conditions. I can now whip the top turn around a lot tighter in both types of conditions maintaining complete control on when to slide the back out. Also it still drives upwind as well as when I had the more traditional fin fitted. Good upwind ability means more waves. Very happy with this fin, saved me the price of a second board and an eye opener performance wise when it comes to wave riding.