DIETER v/d EYKEN – Signature Freestyle Fin v7.3

DIETER v/d EYKEN – Signature Freestyle Fin v7.3
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Dieter Freestyle Fin – We teamed up with PWA Freestyle World Champion Dieter Van der Eyken to develop the next generation of windsurfing freestyle fins. These new fins are aimed at all freestyle riders looking to maximize their freestyle performance with bigger, faster and more consistent moves. On first glance it is easy to see that there is something very different about this new freestyle fin. With a fresh perspective we were able to develop a new breed of freestyle fin and enhance freestyle performance for riders of all abilities sailing in a range of locations.

“In my riding I am searching for three things; speed, control & pop. Together with Tom & Chris from Black Project I developed a new signature Freestyle fin to excel in all conditions so that like me you can enjoy every session even more. Starting with a fresh canvass we explored a wide range of ideas to see how we could push freestyle fin development further. The new stepped leading edge had a big impact on my riding efficiently blending power & slide. In the end version 7.3 was the magic number & I invite you to try my new freestyle fin which is the exact same fin as I am using every day.”

Dieter v/d Eyken, 2015 PWA Freestyle World Champion

Speed has become one of the most important aspects of freestyle, hence we wanted to make Dieter’s freestyle fin even faster. Utilizing foil technology influenced by our slalom fin development we designed a foil to give Dieter increased entry speed for his moves, this helps to make moves bigger and makes multiple rotations easier.

Enhanced control helps to increase confidence and enables you to push your limits. This is especially relevant for freestyle riders during carving and ducking maneuvers. We increased the rake by 1.5 degrees and exaggerated the curve in the upper section of the fin which enhanced carving while maintaining speed.

Dieter wanted to get more lift in his moves we set about increasing the pop developed by the fin. By increasing the area in the base of the fin we were able to give him greater ability to push against his fin when initiating his first rotation but again at the beginning of the 2nd. Essentially this fin gives you more to push off from and generate lift out of the water.

The ‘DIETER BUMP’ Freestyle Fin Innovation
One aspect which sets this new freestyle fin apart is what we refer to as the DIETER BUMP on the leading edge. This enables the fin to perform like a bigger fin when you need more speed and grip and then like a smaller fin when you need it during sliding moves. This new innovative concept represents a significant step forward in freestyle fin design.

Freestyle Fin Construction
Initially there was a large debate about whether to make this new freestyle fin in carbon for lightweight or G10 for strength. Both Chris and Tom initially wanted to go the carbon route but it was Dieter who insistent on our Black Ed. G10 construction. Freestylers are often performing in shallow water and often in tighter budgets. Together we decided that thanks to its incredible durability that Dieter’s new signature fin should be made in our Black Ed. G10.

DIETER v7.3 Freestyle Fin – Overview

  • Developed in collaboration with PWA Freestyle World Champion Dieter v/d Eyken.
  • ‘Dieter Bump’ more power with more slide.
  • Fast foil for increased maneuver entry speed.
  • Powerful base for increased pop.Increased tip curve & progressive rake to enhance control.
  • CNC produced in Black Ed. G10 for ultimate durability.
  • Fin of choice for: Freestyle World Champion Dieter v/d Eyken 

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